Our Team



We are a close-nit London-based team of enthusiastic ABA therapists trained and guided by our head ABA Consultant, Slaveia Christoff Kouchalieva.


Our Team offers reliable services to parents setting up or already running home-based or home/school-based privately or publicly funded programmes for special needs education within a behaviour-analytic framework.

We also offer additional help and support at home and in the community after school and on weekends provided by our trained ABA Therapists.   

Slaveia Christoff Kouchalieva, MSc, BCBA, ABA Consultant is the 

 founder and head of the Nightingale Team 


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Snezhina Dimitrova, MSc, Senior ABA Therapist

Anjuli Jones, MSc, ABA Therapist

Melissa Edwards, BSc, SEN Home Tutor 

Alessia Ardizzone, BSc, SEN Home Tutor 

Lakni Galmangodage, BSc, ABA Therapist